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Genial September Initial Meeting

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September, Early Autumn, Genial is starting September Initial Meeting.


Preparation and pay out in the past August, We ushered in the "nine gold silver ten" good momentum.  No pay, which to harvest? There's no such thing as a free lunch. Boss Mr. Shi definitely told us , With its own force, gas with yourself, with yout heart, feet on the ground, made your way forward.

With the warm applause, Shi Rong (general manager ) on stage!


September, Genial also add a new employees. This is full of positive energy to welcome them to our big family!

September, Is a season of precipitation, thinking, through the summer busy farming, we are now reaping the crystallization of sweat. Looked at her rough hands up cocoon, we are very grateful to no white today.

In their own positions, we should strictly carry out their duties. Show people, always trying, ready to all the time.


Genial was born seven good staff, They pay in silence, They get is not just a certificate, also is a proud to honor!

The next good staff will be you? Are you ready? The best people, dare to deny himself, she or he take the benefit of the company in the first place.


Mr. Shi always stand in the same front with us, He put forward a high expectation, expect us to grow, expect us to success. He asked us to do three things:Each department should actively improve, determine their targets;Every leader to lead the staff, to surpass my own goals;Everyone want to be in face of difficulties never bow.


Former Soviet writer, Ostrovsky once said that the most valuable thing is life. Life is only once for a person. Therefore, a person's life should pass like this: when a person look back on the past, not wasted the mood for love and remorse, not because of mediocrity and shame.

We Deng sister told us that you done today, tomorrow you success probability is big.


Near the start of the meeting, the total stone explained a new concept: the health of the company to build a hundred years! This is a long way to go for the challenge, we need to devote to it.


September, autumn, Austrian, at this moment, you ready? Come on!

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