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Take you to visit Guangzhou characteristics

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1.Genial characteristic office

Confucius said: there are friends from afar awfully? Dear friends, you from afar to the dust, is very tired? Never mind, can come to the Austrian health club, taste the authentic Australian wine, go through the professional beauty face, experience the high-end health massage chair, enjoy the leisurely tea...... The Austrian health club nearly 1000 square meters, allowing you to easily negotiate cooperation, enjoy the unusual treatment.

Genial characteristic office

When the breath is smooth, calm, can go to Guangzhou, the tourist attractions around, don't be impatient, and listen to the one one brief introduction:

2.Guangzhou feature attractions

2.1 Guangzhou tower (waist) 

Guangzhou tower (waist)

In guangzhou, If you did not go guangzhou tower, is will be a source of great embarrassment of life. Among them, it is indispensable to a beautiful scenery line, called "small pretty waist". This is the first tower in China, 600 meters high, it has the world's tallest outdoor viewing platform (488 m photography observation platform), the world's highest breathtaking journey (slow down experience). Guangzhou overlooking the panoramic view from top and bottom, they must be intoxicated

2.2 Chimelong Water Park

Chimelong Water Park

Sorching summer, don't want to go anywhere? Do you Want to go to the summer? Lets go to Chimelong Water Park. There are all kinds of water play equipment, There are specially designed for children baby shuicheng and parent-child chute from high rapid speed, its very exciting. The park, especially suitable for a family to experience.  

2.3The Zhujiang River

The Zhujiang River

She is the mother of Guangzhou, if you are here, you can sitting on the boat to enjoy the view of Guangzhou, the wind touch your face and make you relaxed. It's cool right?

3.Guangzhou special products

Appreciate the good scenery in guangzhou, if you want to take some gift to friends and family, don't worry, all kinds of wide variety of specialty dazzling to see you. guangdong three treasures: dried tangerine or orange peel, ginger, straw, grass, guangdong four fruit: bananas, sugar cane, lychee, pineapple.  there are guangzhou snacks: chickens cake, wife cake, almond cake, lard cakes, rice cakes, buried ginger milk, dongguan sausages, dongguan rice noodles...

4.Guangzhou cuisine

The food in guangzhou, don't waste the trip. Guangzhou is famous for its national diet culture,it has a variety of food festival every year. The diet culture has a long history here, want to go around all the food court, is closely to my steps:

Guangzhou cuisine

4.1 Guangzhou good food garden (liwan district) is located in the li wan lake, pantang road

4.2 East big world food court (yuexiu district of guangzhou city prosperous huanshi east road no. 475

4.3 Sand exotic cuisine area (liwan district) address: white sticky goose pond side Traffic guidance: 105, 123, 181, 208, 217, 219, 217

4.4 Liuhua food court (yuexiu district) in yuexiu district of guangzhou city, guangdong province, liuhua road area

4.5 Sports east business food court (tianhe) is located in the sports center on the east side, south to the tianhe road, tianhe north road on the north, total length of about 800 meters. Is given priority to with pure cantonese cuisine and exotic, with a small amount of hunan cuisine and sichuan cuisine.

4.6 Feng le north food court (huangpu)

4.7 Baiyun avenue food long profile (Baiyun)

My dear friends, you go out in guangzhou every beautiful scenery, eaten all kinds of delicious snacks, daddy? Our welcome to you next time, not drunk no return. 

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