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The importance of calcium

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For the necessity of calcium supplements, do you know? It is an important material of bones, to participate in the neurotransmitter synthesis and release, hormone synthesis and secretion, involved in blood clotting process, etc. Calcium requirements for a few things.

The importance of calcium

First, how to fill. A few more to fill method can effectively increase the absorption rate. Meanwhile, Calcium and magnesium, an appropriate amount of magnesium promote calcium absorption and metabolism of the mass, When the ratio of 2:1 used by most conducive to the absorption of calcium. Second, How to promote calcium to absorb. In the sun, through ultraviolet light skin, make the body produce plenty of vitamin D3, vitamin D3 can greatly promote the absorption of calcium. Calcium is of great benefit to lower blood pressure. Increasing calcium adjustable central nervous and the sympathetic nervous system, increase the formation of endothelial diastolic factor, reduce insulin resistance caused by the effect of calcium pump activity decline, reduced sodium high rise the level of blood pressure.

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