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    Health management device J22

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      1. TENS machine OEM/ODM factory
      2. LOW MOQ
      3. For oral, underarm or rectal use
      4. The products have been approved by ISO13485,SGS,CFDA,CE,ROHS,REACH,FDA etc.
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    Product Name:Health Management Device


    Professional and has very good achievement to improve 30 kinds of disease as below:

    1) Hypertension 2) Varicose vein of lower limb 3) Sequela of apoplexy 
    4) Diabetes 5) Pruritus 6) Limb numbness 
    7) Osteoarthritis8) Rheumatic arthritis9) Rheumatoidarthritis
    10) Traumatic arthritis11) Hyperosteogeny12) Cervical spondylosis 
    13) Tenosynovitis14) Periathritis humeroscapularis15) Faucitis
    16) Limb swell and pain17) Chronic inflammation in pelvis18) Prostatitis 
    19) Keloid20) Sciatic sclerosis after injection21) Intestinal adhesion
    22) Muscle ache23) Headache24) Tinnitus 
    25) Strain of lumbar muscles26) Sciatica27) Scapular region ache
    28) Proplapse of lumbar intervertebral dish29) Tennis elbow30) Muscular fasciae inflammation


    This is our lastest product show.Just call us!Satisfy your personalized OEM and ODM requirement. Then provide you with professional sales to service you well and free Appearance design 、Developing functions、Packaging design.



    This is our factory production environment, we are ISO13485 quality systerm factory and pass The French BV production enterprise depth certification. 8S management production lines whice meet the requirements of the world top 500 enterprises standardized. we can guarantee the quality of your product and warmly welcome you for a visit!




    Only Genial have the honour to get ISO13485、CEO120、CFDA、CE、ROHS、The French BV certification and so on in business,we are authoritative manufacturer of domestic and international,can quickly solve the problem of product certification that you can sell products to all over the world.



    Genial has worked with 20000 customers,Provide superior quality and best price OEM /ODM digital thermometer, blood pressure monitor, From a small company to transnational enterprise. Genial will be always with you!


    Guangzhou Genial Technology Co. Ltd was established in June, 2001 and has international advanced production equipment and obtained ISO13485. The products have been approved by SGS,CFDA, CE, ROHS, REACH, FDA etc. With the company grow stronger, Genial technology is listing on the stock market in Guangzhou trading center in 2014,equity trading code 896283.

    People from all over the world are assuming responsibility for taking control of their bodies and well-being - using products that provide medical data for ordinary users. We set the quality standard just as high as for professional applications. This has made Genial into the worldwide market leader.

    Genial main products are:Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Thermometer, Cupping Sets, TENS/EMS, Electrode Pad, Electrode wires and so on. All products export to Europe, USA, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and other more than 60 countries.

    Genial have an International influence R&D team that consists of many famous health care experts in the field of medical instrument, Information engineering, Rehabilitation medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese traditional massage, Biological science, Endocrine and cosmetology & filament body which has offered a solid scientific basis in developing products and marketing.With professional ability, we will become your reliable business partner, and provide assistance and support for them in the filed of health care products.Warmly welcome customers from domestic or oversea to visit or investigate our company for business cooperation conveniently.

    We are working together for a future in which people can protect their health and further enhance their quality of life.customer satisfaction for us to create value-added products.



    Guangzhou Genial Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address:5/F, Building A8,the 3rd Longdong Industrial Zone, 

    Tianhe district,Guangzhou 510520,China.

    Mobile Phone:86-136-0284-9551

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